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科学 Class

The mission of the Academy of Holy Angels is to educate and nurture a diverse student population so that each student as a whole person, may achieve full potential to excel intellectually, to live spiritually, to lead responsibly, to act justly, and to serve selflessly.

As a Catholic college-preparatory high school, AHA focuses on the principles in its mission statement:

To excel intellectually

For AHA students, learning is an opportunity for challenge, growth and exploration through classes in core curriculum, languages, world cultures, technology, 剧院, visual arts, instrumental and vocal music, life-long fitness, practical arts, theology, and Christian ministry and 服务.

AHA offers many opportunities for advanced learning. Our goal is to give every student the chance to take a college-level class at AHA. Advanced classes teach students how to study and prepare for rigorous learning, and the experience helps them perform better in high school and later. AHA offers 17 AP courses.

AHA’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program ensures that every AHA student learns how to write in a number of disciplines. Completing a writing portfolio is a graduation requirement, and we’ve learned that WAC yields results.

At AHA, we incorporate technology throughout the curriculum. 事实上, we have articulated a STEM (科学, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course of study to guide students interested in pre-engineering. See full details and recommendations for this program in the 科学 section of this Program of Studies.

Our students learn computer skills, multimedia techniques, spreadsheets, ethics in technology, and technology search and research. AHA’s technology program puts a computer in the hands of every student. The 1:1 technology program is fully implemented and is an integral component of learning at AHA. 

To live spiritually

At the core of life at Holy Angels is a worshipping, faith-filled community dedicated to living the message of Jesus Christ. These values are the focus of the school’s year-long worship program of Masses and liturgies, of the daily coursework in 神学 classes, and in the activities of the Campus Ministry Team, and they also extend to our cocurriculars as part of our Faith in Action program.

To lead responsibly

AHA recognizes the need to teach leadership skills. Providing leadership opportunities is a focus in the classroom, on the playing field, in the 剧院, and through cocurricular opportunities in the arts, student government, 服务, and more. 

To act justly

Justice is a principle woven throughout the AHA curriculum and rooted in our heritage from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Our teachers look for opportunities to bring conversations about justice into classroom discussions. Helping students gain an “understanding of, and commitment to, love of God and neighbor in justice” is one of the AHA 神学 Department’s guiding principles. Classes like Catholic Social Action and others focus on justice in our communities and our world.

To serve selflessly

AHA students participate in 服务 at many levels. Students are required to perform 75 hours of 服务 to graduate. AHA provides a range of volunteer 服务 opportunities.



AHA's Program of Studies is a comprehensive course catalog with a description of the school's requirements for graduation and for student honors.

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